Bugsy The Pug and the bathmat

What do you mean there is a thread of Ma's bathmat stuck on my face?!

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Belly Flop and Pug Yoga

Pugs Forever!
Hi friend! Bugsy The Pug here. Good to see you.

Did you see the photo of me up there? Isn't it too funny?

Everybody thinks I did a belly flop. What do you think happened?

That's right! I'll give you the answer.

I was just hot. It was a warm day. I played a lot. Then, I went to drink some water, and felt really tired from all the fun of playing. So I laid down right next to the water bowl just in case I got thirsty again.

Now look at this photo:

My mom calls it Pug Yoga. Yoga is when you twist your body in different positions. It helps people become more flexible in their bodies.

Have you ever tried Yoga before? 

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Sending you lots of puppy love!

Bugsy The Pug is three months old!

Hi! I'm Bugsy The Pug. I'm three months old. PugsForever.com is so sweet to celebrate my special day with me. In the slideshow below you can see my adventures today.

As you can tell, I love playing with my pumpkin. It is my favorite toy! It is soft, and easy to carry. It also has a squeaky, and it squeaks when I press it.

I had so much fun today! Watch the slideshow below:

I hope you liked the slideshow.
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Sending you puppy love <3